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There is increasing evidence that customers do not always prefer online shopping. According to recent studies and a PWC total retail report, what customers still desire is that “physical interaction” with a product. The ability to touch, consider, and try on a product offers an experience. It also means that despite the drop in foot traffic, physical shops are still in a position of strength and offer something that online shopping will never be able to match, no matter how popular online shopping is today. Thus, for business owners with a brick and mortar retail presence, the focus should be on what physical customers see first: your window display. 

Making an attractive and enticing window display does not cost very much. It is easy and it is an opportunity to show off what you want to in-store within seconds. It also leaves a powerful first impression on your potential customers. Wondering what you can do to help jazz up your window display? Here are some tried and true easy steps:

Change it up 

You want your window displays to look fresh, new and different every few weeks. Afterall, everyone notices a window display that has gone sterile and not changed in months or years. The idea is to keep it relevant, in season and in keeping with whatever theme you are marketing in store. Consider for instance, upcoming holidays and events (Christmas or summer holidays) and stay up to speed by having a well-marked calendar with whenever you want to promote your goods. Also, think ahead. If summer is coming up, you want shoppers to consider buying your products ahead of time and then remind them what they might need and when. For example, if you are a clothing store, bathing suits and hats can be showcased in spring, before summer is in full swing. Similarly, before winter, you want to have those gloves and hats front and center in preparation for the cold. 

If you struggle with when certain products sell well and how to price those products to maximize sales, consider looking at what the research suggests. Indeed, timing the promotion of certain products and what to feature in your window display can make a tremendous difference. Nobody wants to buy sunscreen in September. You want to be ahead of the curve.  Don’t be afraid to consult EPOS data on particular merchandise to get an overview of just when your should be showcasing your products to sell.

Highlight the essential

A window display should be simple and highlight only what you want customers to see. Less is more. Remember that a customer walking on the street might only have a few seconds to glance in, so you want their eyes to focus on a few key items, feel enticed to come in, and not feel overwhelmed, turned off and move on. A few products or even just one product psychologically makes more of an impression and means customers will come in interested rather than walk out not knowing what to buy. If you are going to showcase an item in a window display, just be mindful to have it well stocked so customers do not leave if you have run out of it. 

Also, remember that key design principles suggest that the important items should always be shown at eye level. It is what a potential customer sees first. Moreover, lighting and proper display cases can direct eyes in one direction or another. You only have a few moments to grab that customer, so make it count!

Showcase an experience

You want your window display to offer a message. It should be inviting, tell a story and help customers become immediately familiar with whatever you are trying to sell. An example would be if you are selling ski equipment, you might want to have fake snow, images of mountains and winter behind it. Look to create an experience. You want the customer to feel transported to that place where your product is essential and to have positive feelings and memories associated with it. As such, think about how you can showcase the lifestyle a buyer might desire and not just a product.   

The number three sells

Studies suggest that shoppers are more engaged when they see items grouped in three. Those most prominent of displays follow this rule. With this in mind, you will want to place three items together, sometimes at different heights, thereby encouraging the most natural way to scan visual merchandising. You also might want to think about grouping these three items together by theme, next to another group of items of a different theme. This allows customers to get a good idea of varying products you offer without being overwhelmed.  Moreover, grouping similar items together encourages customers to buy whatever other items go with it. The end result can be a customer coming in to buy one thing, but then potentially ending up purchasing the whole set.

If you are not sure about how effective your current window display is, consider consulting EPOS data. It allows you to compare your sales with your merchandising. The result is a solid measure of whether you are maximizing what your customers see first in your window or not. So, now that you have the golden tips to snazz up you window, get to it and mesmerize those customers!

Jessica Brown
Jessica is a globally renowned writer specializing in International Relations, Economics and Political Affairs. A graduate from Brown and Cambridge Universities she now focuses on helping small to medium businesses grow their bottom line.
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