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There's a better way to fund your business

There’s a new way to fund your business

Accessing small business funding shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming, so Bloom developed a simple way for businesses to secure up to €300,000 instantly.

Payback is simple.

Your finance is repaid using an agreed percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales. We recognise that some days you’re busy and some days you're not.


This request is non binding and does not a binding offer. Finance will be subject to eligibility criteria and terms and conditions

Tips, Restaurant, Featured

Making a cafe or bar family-friendly in the summer

In many industries, there is a significant uptick in business in the summer. People travel, wander and are eager to...

Tips, Featured

Why customer services matters to your business

Walk into any store or small business, and how you are greeted and served matters. It can actually make or break your...

Online, Featured

How to increase online bookings for your business

The research is clear, for those in any industry, but in particular, in the tourism, hospitality, health, beauty and...

Tips, Featured

How important are review sites for small businesses?

Reviews matter. According to Invespcro, 90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business and 88% of consumers...


How best to respond to critical reviews

If you are a business with customers, you are bound to get negative reviews. Indeed, no matter how attentive, how well...

Tips, Physical Store

Rethinking your Convenience Store potential: how to boost business

As a convenience store owner, you may have gotten used to the hum-drum of business. People come in for a set product...


Making a cafe or bar family-friendly in the summer

In many industries, there is a significant uptick in business in the summer. People travel, wander and are eager to...


It’s not just a suit: the benefits of uniforms in the hospitality industry

Airline hostesses, pilots, cable repairmen, postal workers, and nurses. Does it really make a difference that they all...


Beautify your Beauty Salon business through online bookings, marketing and reviews

Want to find, book and review a beauty salon? Times have sure changed from doing that in 1955. Today, the hair and...

Growth, Physical Store

Want to maximize profits? Improve your window display

There is increasing evidence that customers do not always prefer online shopping. According to recent studies and a PWC...

Growth, Tips, Capital Improvements

Renovations to boost your resturant or cafe this summer

Boosting business in the summer?

Consider these hot renovations and small changes to your restaurant or cafe

While some...

Tips, Recruitment, People

How do I hire the right people for my business?

So you want to build a team? Top tips for hiring 

Building your all-star team is one of the most important tasks there...


Managing retail seasonality, no matter the season

Christmas and after holiday sales are huge boons in just about any industry every year. But managing a successful...


How SMBs can best prepare for a profitable Christmas

Christmas season is big in Europe. And in fact, with the advent of Amazon and other online retailers offering Black...


What to consider when deciding on increasing Salaries vs Benefits

As a small business owner, keeping your staff happy is key. The important and often difficult part is knowing what to...

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